Sunday, November 26, 2006


Tired after a long day of running errands and household chores, I wasn't really in a mood to cook dinner. K, bless him, took over the kitchen and made this simple and delicious Pizza. I had the Pizza dough and the Pizza sauce from Trader Joe's, so assembling the pizza with the rest of the ingredients from the pantry was easy.

The final Product

Assembling the Pizza - look at all that cheese - Yummy :)


Pooja said...

hi sangeeta,
Hey, I am the first one to commetn here. :)
Nice looking pizza, i also made it this way at home, though we mostly have pizza delivered at home from the outside pizza centers on our buddy evenings. :) .
Have fun and keep sharing.

Vini said...

MMMM..yummy pizza.

Trupti said...

You've got me craving for a pizza now...havent had that in a while! Looks good girl!


Lakshmik said...

Hi Sangeeta

I also get the pizza sauce and readymade pizza base from Trader Joes. Yummy.